Monday, October 1, 2012

Atlantic Antic & the NYC Transit Museum

So another festival going on this weekend was Antlantic Antic, billed as the largest street festival ever in Brooklyn that stretches over a mile long!  There was tons of food, music and drink, and the Transit Museum was also open to the public, definitely a really cool museum to check out as you can walk through all the old subway cars and really get a sense of what they used to look and fee like.  They also had tons of old ads from the 1910-70's which was a real trip to look at!  I particularly liked all the color schemes the trains went through throughout the era's and the history behind the development of the MTA is really interesting as well, a must see if your in Brooklyn!

Dumbo Art night!!!

so there was a lot going on in NYC this weekend, tons of festivals, things to see and do!  One of my favorite things though is the Dumbo Art Festival ( which happens once a year, Dumbo is still a pretty up and coming hood so this festival really promotes all the businesses there + showcases some really cool art!  check out some of the things I saw, plus the highlight of the night was this:

Codex Dynamic: curated by Leo Kuelbs and John Ensor Parker

enjoy some of the pics!

after we went to one of the most amazing restaurants i've been to in a while in williamsburg called Bistro Petit which is a korean/french fusion bistro!  You can read my full review here on YELP: 

this is the kimchee bouillabaisse