Monday, July 30, 2012

Storm King Art Center

This past weekend my good friend and fellow photographer, Husdon Wright  went to visit the Storm King Art Center located about 75 minutes outside of NYC.  It started out as a rainy day but ended with blue clouds and plenty of sunshine.  The grounds of Storm King are jaw dropingly amazing, with over 500 acres and numerous large scale art sculptures and the picturesque hudson valley mountains cape in the background, the center as a whole was quite visually stunning!  This is definitely a must see, for more info visit:

Brooklyn Bridge

on a recent sunny day, zach and I took a nice post-dim sum lunch from Chinatown to the Brooklyn Bridge, it never ceases to inspire me with all the graphic lines and soaring vistas, here are some shots I took!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Asbury Park & Ocean Grove NJ weekend!

Last weekend we made a quick getaway to NJ from NYC, within 2 hours from Penn Station we were in another world where we felt like we went back in time to America 40 years ago!  Neatly manicured streets with victorian houses everywhere and american flags everywhere!  Quite a trip but it was lovely nonetheless!

5 pointz!!

I recently started to teaching a class at the Miami Ad School, which is the school I went to study photography almost 6 years ago!  Although not the first class I taught, it is the first class I am teaching photo 1 which has been interesting and fun!  I took my students on a trip to 5pointz (, an amazing graffiti museum/building in Long Island City to understand depth of field and composition!  It was a hot, humid sunny day, perfect light for taking pictures of saturated, colorful walls.  The people were all really chill and encouraged us to take as many photos as possible.  I took a few snaps below as well....

We also found out that they might be tearing down the whole building to builde high rises!  Go here if you want to!!

my class being inspired by the location!